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Pet Grooming Gloves

Pet Grooming Gloves

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The only grooming tool you need in your pet's routine! Get rid of excess hair, massage your pet, and leave their fur feeling soft and smooth.

Ideal for pet owners, Pet Grooming Gloves are an effective grooming tool and massage aid. Crafted with adjustable wrist straps and soft, embedded bristles, these gloves make it easy to get rid of excess hair and provide a gentle massage to your furry friend.


ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAPS:  The adjustable wrist straps ensure a secure fit and stress-free grooming experience for your pet. Allowing for an easy removal and perfect fit, our grooming gloves provide a safe and soothing grooming experience for your pet.
FINGER NUBS: Designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind. Featuring finger nubs and a flexible design, these gloves allow you to quickly and gently remove loose hair and tangles without causing irritation for your pet. 
ROUNDED NUBS: The rounded nubs allow for a gentle massage and provide a calming effect for your pet. With these gloves, you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, ultimately leading to a healthier, happier pet.
TOP QUALITY: Offer the highest quality grooming for your pet, allowing for an efficient and hygienic grooming experience with added benefits such as improved coat health and reduced stress on your pet. 
ALL TYPES OF PETS:  Designed for use with all types of pet, perfect for all breeds and coat types, to effectively remove hair and debris while grooming. These gloves feature soft but durable bristles which can be used to safely and gently groom pets, reducing shedding and promoting healthy skin and fur.
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